Beyond The Grants


Our programming tells many untold stories of lives affected by cancer that not only educates viewers, but to inspires them to fight cancer.

We are developing the content to air on local television broadcasters across the country, on a platform outside of the internet that everyone knows... television

This series will tell the stories of the struggle, strength, and success of several brave people who have been touched by cancer. The programming will also include stories of families that are currently or recently battling cancer, and yet, even through adversity, manage to devote time and energy to make the world a better place, if even in the smallest of ways. With this broadcast content being produced in cities across the country, we can introduce local communities to the actual faces of those affected by cancer right in their own back yards

By documenting this difficult process that many people fear, these brave families provide guidance through their battles, offering insight into beating cancer.

These stories will help educate and provide the tools needed to be ready to fight cancer. They provide the inspiration and courage to fight should a life be touched by cancer. And most importantly, that cancer can be conquered.